Name your fantasy, and we’ll fashion a route bearing your particular passions, quirks and sleep schedules.

These journeys delve in the colour, crafts and culinary corners of India. From textiles to photography to religion and literature, we fashion journeys based on your interest, we have done the research for you.

Family Adventures

Coming Together

The family adventures take in relaxed, gentler adventures, where the journey is an entire learning experience. Walking in the hills, visiting game parks, the excitement of a jeep journey through coffee and pepper plantations, following wild elephant trails, … Read More

Body, Mind & Soul

Spa, Wellness & Ayurveda Tours

Ibex invites you to a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation where you can attain the promise of health and vitality, youthfulness and beauty. The Spas are based on the principle of creating harmony from wellness, … Read More

Art, Architecture & Textiles

A journey into the past

With a culture and history dating back centuries, India would be the best example of true archaeological wonders.

Ibex organizes special archaeological tours in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh and other parts of the country … Read More


A taste of India

Culinary Tour In India, philosophy and food are inseparable and Indian hospitality is justifiably legendary.

A culinary tour is a different way of travelling to regions of India with interactions in urban cities and village life … Read More

Ladies’ Compartment

Women’s Tour

Women’s journeys have a special meaning, travelling slowly, listening intently, absorbing completely and taking back not just the memory of a travel but of an entire experience of the land visited.

Special encounters with nature to diverse culinary … Read More


To the Heart of India

This unusual trip takes you to the heart of India – The central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. You visit Maheshwar which is steeped in and home to one of India’s finest handloom fabric traditions. … Read More