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A journey into the past

With a culture and history dating back centuries, India would be the best example of true archaeological wonders.

Ibex organizes special archaeological tours in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh and other parts of the country to view ancient Harappan sites, forts and palaces and Hindu temples. Visits to ancient towns of Junagadh, Palitana, Khajuraho, Hampi and the frescoes of Ajanta and Ellora can be undertaken.

Visits to archaeological museums take visitors through the excavation process and exhibits many of the weapons and cooking utensils found at sites as well as some of the larger statues taken from the Shiva and Vishnu temples. In Khajuraho, the museum contains some exquisite carvings and sculptures recovered by archaeologists.
Some of the highlights are to walk through small, rural Indian villages where many of the houses are mud-walled with packed-earth floors. Most of the prized family possessions add to the cultural experience for travelers.

Ibex organizes scholars and guides who have a deeper insight into the background of these excavations and monuments as well as the local cultures.

Heritage India Tours

another place, another time

Cultural Tours
From the Imperial sweep of Delhi to the Mughal monuments of north India and the Hindu temples of the South or the excitement of train travel on the Palace of Wheels through the desert landscape of historic Rajasthan. Some stays are arranged at former opulent and ornate palaces of Maharajas, revealing the majesty of a bygone era.

The delicacy of touch and intricacy in the Indian architecture, as evidenced in some of the palaces and forts are a joy to behold. The color and vitality of the people is in stark contrast to the simple life they live and survive by.

The themes of love and devotion, velour and heroism synonymous with the Indian way of life are exuberantly portrayed in the arts and crafts of India.

Ibex takes you beyond the boundaries of time through India, leaving you with an unforgettable memory – The Ibex Experience