Name your fantasy, and we’ll fashion a route bearing your particular passions, quirks and sleep schedules.

Ride on a motor vehicle, an animal or a hand-crafted boat: for the safari traveler, a trove of lost treasures, hidden beauties, unknown facts, surprise encounters and a drink at the end of it.

Bird Watching Tours

Bird Watching Tours

Indian regions are rich in bird life with over 1200 species found here due to the diverse habitats and climate. Bird watching is a way of not only learning about birds, but a channel for study of … Read More

Camel Safari

A camel safari across the tawny sands of the Great Indian Thar Desert is a rare and rewarding experience. It takes travelers on Old Caravan routes, unfolding along the way the marvels of glorious Rajputana showing amazing frescoes, intricate paintings … Read More


Ibex gives you the ultimate wild life experience in India’s rich and diverse forests, national parks and sanctuaries. What sets Ibex apart is the hands on knowledge of the parks and accommodation, be it the charming hunting lodge, or the … Read More


Jeep Safari

An overland journey carries the essence of a high adventure, over spectacular road journeys through remote and previously forbidden areas of the Himalaya. Some are old Caravan routes along beautiful valleys.

A range of interesting journeys by jeep/car/bus … Read More


Horse Ride – Riding High

Riding through tiny villages, open spans of sand and the colorful ethnic, rustic scenery of Rajasthan allowing an additional taste of history too. And, along the way, one can hear the faraway melodies of the … Read More