Camel Safari


A camel safari across the tawny sands of the Great Indian Thar Desert is a rare and rewarding experience. It takes travelers on Old Caravan routes, unfolding along the way the marvels of glorious Rajputana showing amazing frescoes, intricate paintings and fine Hindu architecture of forts and palaces.

You meet cameleers dressed in traditional desert garb, their camels mounted with tasseled saddles and hand-woven blankets. The gently undulating landscape is starkly beautiful, broken only by the simple villages of nomadic and pastoral tribes. You cover about 10 miles per day (you may ride, walk or even sit on a camel cart), camping each night under clear desert
skies. The atmosphere recreated is of the ancient caravan journeys with music, dance and food. The itineraries for riding the Thar on a camel can be woven around the colorful desert festivals.

Ibex Expeditions provides camels and all transport by bus/jeep accompanied by guides, cooks and kitchen and camp equipment. The cameleers also accompany you, occasionally strumming their locally made musical instruments.

Camel safaris can be done from the desert towns of Mandawa, Jodhpur, or the yellow sandstone town of Jaisalmer. The best time of the year for this adventure is in winter from November to March. During the safari, you stay in camps or in old Maharaja forts and havelis.