Responsible Travel

Our design is inherent with a Eco-sensitive consciousness. We are inventive with methods of voluntourism and are engaged in various forums and world-wide committees for conservation, preservation, education, empowerment and emancipation, both nationally and internationally.

At Ibex, we take pride in immersing ourselves in meaningful humanitarian efforts, interactions with local communities, purchasing from Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s), thus making a positive difference to the places we visit and the people we meet along the way. The result of this approach is real, immediate and long-lasting. Our sustained efforts have benefited several hill communities with education, healthcare, environment, plantation of trees, and support during natural disasters.

An example: in a tour in Tamil Nadu, Ibex has donated eye glasses to silk weavers or supported Tsunami affected families by providing skills and raw materials for their livelihood. We also provide well matched and prepared volunteers to work on-site to preserve and facilitate a quality of life for indigenous peoples in conjunction with local staff.

Underpinning this is the philosophical belief that the earth is a mesh of woven inter-connectedness: by volunteering your skills and experience for a few weeks or months or simply purchasing a silk scarf from a local weaver, or donating books to an orphanage, you transcend distance. We help ensure that what your engagement is appropriate and sustainable.

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