Fulfilling your journeys quest

A journey in India is both internal and external and one that overcomes the inherent disability in the person. More importantly, life takes on a new meaning, and the journey itself gives pride in accomplishment, and encourages you to take on new adventures and challenges, thus, helping to overcome fear.

Ibex has successfully handled adventures for wheelchair travelers, small groups and slow walkers. Our personally escorted tours reflect a fondness for continued learning and cultural intrigue. Our experience and commitment to specialty travel allow us to design travel programs that harmonies unique needs and individual capabilities.

Select any tour from the special interest or adventure tours offered, and this will be designed to suit your pace, special medical needs and care. Be it a trek to the Source of the River Ganges at 14,000 feet, or an overland Himalayan journey, Ibex caters to special needs for people with special disabilities.

If you are as passionate about travel and feel you can take it on, allow us to help you explore this world of opportunity and fulfilment.

of not only learning about birds, but a channel for study of the natural world as a whole. The immense variety of bird life in this region and the large size and colourful plumage of many species, makes it an exciting prospect. Requiring no special equipment except for binoculars, and a keen eye, bird watching makes for an exciting and learning holiday.

It moved silently but surely, through quiet, banks, trees and bushes, hoping to be inconspicuous. At the edge of the forest clearing, or near a fruiting tree, sat the most delightful Hornbill. Dressed in subdued colours, walking slowly, the bird watchers captured some amazing sights.

The Keoladeo Ghana bird sanctuary near Agra boasts of being one of the finest heronries in the world with rich aquatic plant and animal life in the freshwater shallow marsh along with its resident and migratory birds. It is nominated by the United Nations as a World Heritage site.

IBEX uses trained ornithologists to guide you in spotting brilliant and unusual species in North India in the Himalayas, Rajasthan, and in the lakes and reservoirs in Karnataka in South India or even Orissa on the East coast of India.

Birding tours are tailor-made upon request and both geographical locations and time can be fitted to individual requirements. Naturally, nearby cities and cultural sights are woven in.

Salim Ali’s books have a wealth of knowledge of areas and species and work as a wonderful guide. ‘Indian Hill Birds’, by Salim Ali, `Birds of India’ by Martin Woodcock and `Birds of India’ by Bikram Grewal are worth consulting and using as pocket guides.

We are Members of the most respected ornithology club of India – Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS).