Name your fantasy, and we’ll fashion a route bearing your particular passions, quirks and sleep schedules.

Having personally persevered up mountains and tested our agility and spirit on bikes, skis and rafts alike, this section is for the active or intrepid traveler. All safety precautions are in place, and both beginners and the seasoned are welcome.

Environment Pledge

Environmental Pledge

Ibex Expeditions is committed to being environmental caretakers and it is our endeavor to maintain high standards of `minimum impact tourism’.

Ibex has signed the Himalayan Code of Conduct issued by the Himalayan Environment Trust whose Trustees include … Read More

Eco Tourism

Eco Tours

” Environmentally Responsible Travel and visitation to relatively undisturbed natural areas in order to enjoy, study and appreciate nature (and any accompanying cultural features) that promotes conservation, has low visitor impact, and provides for beneficially active socio-economic involvement … Read More

Adventure Tours India

Adventure Tours India

From the heights of the Himalaya to the rapids of its rivers, when you travel in this land of towering peaks with uninterrupted beauty, natural biodiversity and a majestic heritage, your journey will include traditional hospitality, authentic … Read More



The Indian Himalaya or the `abode of snow’ offers some great challenges and the finest climbs in the world of 6000 and 7000 meters. The main regions for this are Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and the … Read More

Himalayan Trekking, Hiking & Day Walks

Winter Trekking

Walking on the Frozen River Zanskar, is a “once in a lifetime experience’. This passage is traditionally called ” The Chadar” meaning a `white sheet’ and its traverse is an amazing winter trekking experience.

In the heart of … Read More



Skiing off the snow-covered slopes is a perfect adventure for taking on the major mountain ranges and moving on to Ski Mountaineering, Snowboarding and Langlauf skiing.

The facilities for downhill ski trips in India are located at Auli in … Read More