Green Hiker

WWF’s Green Hiker campaign aims at raising awareness about the vulnerability of the fragile Himalayan ecosystem and encouraging tourists and tour operators to adopt responsible practises towards minimising their carbon footprint.

Launched in 2009, it is part of the larger ‘Saving Wetlands Sky-High!’ initiative (to conserve Himalayan high altitude wetlands (at altitudes above 3,000 m asl). The campaign propagates the message of ‘Nature leaves a mark on you, don’t leave one behind’.

Ibex Expeditions has come forth to show its support for the campaign and what it stands for. Since its endeavour is to ensure that its trips benefit the environment and local communities, this provides a common platform for an association between WWF-India and Ibex Expeditions.

Ibex donates with every client assisted , to this GBTN fund. More