Koko Singh’s Delhi & Agra

Delhi native, seasoned traveller, and author of the critically acclaimed series ‘Driving Holidays in the Himalayas’, Koko Singh left behind the corporate world to indulge in his two passions, philanthropy and travel. His extensive journeys through India and in other countries have been the inspiration for his guide books. For 24 years, Koko has also been actively involved in the voluntary sector, from disaster rehabilitation to providing economic security to impoverished families in rural India.

Ibex Expeditions is happy to announce the release of his latest publication, ‘Koko Singh’s Delhi & Agra’, a compilation of the top 20 destinations in the region, backed up by maps, history, recommendations for lodging and eateries, and an exclusive shopping guide.

All proceeds from buying this book will go to Atmashakti Trust which helps improve living conditions for over 500,000 families in Odisha, one of India’s poorest states. This initiative  is in line with Ibex Expedition’s philosophy of supporting eco-tourism and responsible travel, as we do with WWF India.