A jeep safari offers the essence of adventure with comfort travelling over spectacular landscapes and passes in remote areas along old caravan routes. The overland adventures reach remote parts of Ladakh, Kumaon, Rajasthan or any part of India.

If one wishes to explore expansive landscapes, verdant valleys, rolling hills and deep and dense forests, there is no better way than a jeep safari.

A jeep safari carries the ingredients of a high adventure over spectacular road journeys through remote and forbidden areas of the Himalaya including old caravan routes with reliable and informed drivers without being physically strenuous. Below are the types of jeep safaris you can opt for or tell us your interest and we will create one especially for you!

A range of interesting journeys can be undertaken in India with popular ones being from Delhi to Manali and on to Leh and the newly opened Nubra valley in Ladakh as well as to the remote areas of Lahaul, Kinnaur and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. Once in Leh, several jeep safaris are possible to the spectacular high altitude lakes of Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri and to the rugged though spectacular Zanskar valley.

For gentler jeep journeys, the beautiful Kumaon and Garhwal regions in Uttarakhand to quaint hills towns like Ranikhet and Almora are interesting. There is also a unique local food culture, with chutneys and pickles made of apples, plums and mangoes. Here, one is able to buy textiles and woollens hand woven by local women cooperatives.

The forested valleys, arid hills and rocky outcrops of Rajasthan allow jeep safaris in this warrior state of India where traditions, history and a vibrancy of culture appear on any route. The tribal villages allow for a deep insight of rural life steeped in ancient rituals as well as preserved wildlife.

On a jeep safari in the remote Himalayan areas it is possible to stay at Himalayan home stays and Ibex supports this initiative as it indirectly helps the village communities offset income losses from livestock depredation by snow leopards and other predators. With income from tourism that highlights wildlife viewing, local people have a reason to conserve predators which may threaten their herds, especially since poaching and retributive killing of snow leopards are the major threats across the Himalaya to this rare and beautiful cat.

Winter is the best time for a safari tour in Rajasthan whereas the summer months are the best in the Himalaya. June to September is the ideal time for a jeep safari in Ladakh and the western Himalayan regions.