Horse Ride – Riding High

Riding through tiny villages, open spans of sand and the colorful ethnic, rustic scenery of Rajasthan allowing an additional taste of history too. And, along the way, one can hear the faraway melodies of the typical folk music and witness their tribal dances and folklore that bring out the rich legacy and culture of the land.

The rich fertile belt at the foot of the Aravalli hills in the state of Rajasthan comprises several villages that were once ruled by the Rathore chieftains. The area is flanked at one end by the green hills and on the other has the higher peaks of Kumbhalgarh atop which is one of the great bastions, the Fort Kumbhalgarh.

On horseback, we travel through these wonderful foothills, now a wildlife sanctuary dotted with lakes, temples, and monuments, including the famous marble Jain temples of Ranakpur.

The horses are thoroughbreds from the stables of Mewar and are dresses in rich saddlery. Travelers on a horse safari would stay at heritage forts, castles and palaces and all meals are provided for. The journeys range from 4 to 7 days.