Ibex Expeditions provides camels and all transport by bus/jeep accompanied by guides, cooks and kitchen and camp equipment. The cameliers also accompany you, occasionally strumming their locally made musical instruments.

Camel and horse safaris can be taken from the desert towns of Western Rajasthan from Mandawa, Jodhpur, Osian, Manvar and Luni. The best time of the year for this adventure is in winter from November to March. During the safari, you stay in camps or in old Maharaja forts and havelis.

The horses are thorough bred from the stables of Mewar and are dresses in rich saddlery. Travellers on a horse safari would stay at heritage forts, castles and palaces and all meals are provided for. The journeys range from 4 to 7 days.

Camel Safaris

A camel safari across the sands of the Great Indian Thar Desert is a rare experience on old caravan routes, unfolding the marvels of glorious Rajputana – frescoes, intricate paintings and fine Hindu architecture of forts and palaces. Camel safaris on double humped camels are also possible in the high altitude desert of the Nubra valley in Ladakh.

Horse Riding

Ride through tiny villages and open spans of sand to witness the colourful ethnic, rustic scenery of Rajasthan. Along the way one can hear the far away melodies of traditional folk music and witness the people’s dances and folklore that display the rich legacy and culture of the land. Ibex assists on your safari, choosing the difficulty level, the duration from a day to several days and the terrain and incorporates this in your Rajasthan adventure.