Ladies’ Compartment


Women’s Tour

Women’s journeys have a special meaning, travelling slowly, listening intently, absorbing completely and taking back not just the memory of a travel but of an entire experience of the land visited.

Special encounters with nature to diverse culinary experiences to spiritual awakenings, these journeys are a blend of travel, cross cultural interactions with urban women from similar cultural backgrounds take place. Interact with women from diverse social and professional backgrounds at specially arranged meals or in their homes.

Depending on where you travel, there can be intimate connections with rural village women, seeing their lives and understanding their fears and joys more closely.
Ibex supports several Women’s Non-Governmental Organizations and War Widows, whereby visitors are recommended to purchase items woven or handcrafted by them and their families.

Women’s tour

The Ibex women’s tours provide special opportunities and are led by Ibex women representatives and leaders. Choose your tour from a challenging Himalayan trek to a gentler travel into the heart and soul of India.