Body, Mind & Soul


Wellness and Yoga helps us reconnect with ourselves and allows us to both restore the balance in our lives and rejuvenate our body, mind and soul. These holidays combine the landscapes, flora, fauna and energies of the country combined with relaxation, rejuvenation and internal renewal.

Whatever your goal, these journeys certainly help you centre yourself. They also provide an opportunity to form new friendships with like-minded people and learn about new cultures. We choose stunning destinations to practice yoga and enjoy ayurveda in from the lower Himalaya , exotic Rajasthan, Kerala’s exclusive retreats, or the Angsana and Soukya retreats in Karnataka.

These are for everyone – newcomers or those who already practice yoga or meditation or simply those who want to connect with the spiritual practices and sacred places of India. Skilled yoga instructors/gurus guide you with patience and knowledge.

The tours are extensively researched and infused with personal contacts and resources. Enjoy what may well be a life-changing journey.

Himalayan Yoga Trek: Journey in Oneness to the Source of the Ganges

26 Sept – 10 Oct 2020

Our special offering – Tapovan in the Gangotri valley is beyond the source of the holy Ganges river. The place can be traced for its sanctity for the Yogis who would travel here & meditate. Through this trek, led by a trekker cum yoga guru and we live the yogic philosophy of ‘Jap’, meditativeness & ‘Tap’ , discipline.

We walk the steps that many yogis have walked before in time, undertaking this journey Outside, as we explore the stillness & oneness on our Inside. Through the filters of the philosophy of yoga and every step with awareness, we will have the opportunity to reflect about the places we visit, where we stand in time, what our larger purpose is and where do we aim to reach after all.