The Fairs of Rajasthan: 26 October – 6 November 2017

A Photographic Adventure with a British Photographer

This is an 12 day trip to Rajasthan with a focus on photography, exploring two very special camel and livestock fairs with cameras – Pushkar and Chandrabhaga. Pushkar Fair is one of the world’s largest camel fairs – a colourful and vibrant spectacle with over 11,000 camels descending on the desert as well as hundreds of Marwari horses, all traded and competed in a huge stadium. Chandrabhaga fair is a small local event but just as interesting to photograph. Over the Kartik Full Moon – We will also visit two other special places in Rajasthan, en route to/from the fairs – equally photogenic in their own way, Udaipur and Jaipur. We will submerge ourselves in the fairs and places with our cameras, or iphones, blending in and capturing the events, people and livestock with our lenses. All levels of photographers are welcome – beginners and experienced alike. This is a group trip working towards a final photographic exhibition on the last night.

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