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The Stillness of the River at Satpura

Satpura Explorer – A Trekking and Safari Adventure

Ibex Expeditions is organising The Panchmarhi Trail in Satpura National Park with partners Reni Pani Lodge for the delegates of ATTA’s Adventure Connect. The journey, led by Mandip Singh Soin and a senior naturalist is designed to capture the explore spirit, and more similar journeys are in the offing! 🙂

Dates: 28th November to 2nd December 2018


The Satpura Tiger Reserve is an extensive forest covering a broad array of unique Central Indian flora and fauna. The Satpura mountain range, after which the park is named, runs across Central India from East to West. Satpura is the only park of its kind in Central India where enthusiasts are allowed to explore pristine tiger country on foot. Guests will start their adventure by walking on the foothills of the Satpura Mountains exploring this unique ecosystem. While they are out on this adventure they will be using well-appointed mobile camps as their accommodation.

After a 2 night walking adventure, participants will be transferred to Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, one of the premier safari lodges in Central India. Here a more conventional safari experience will be offered to guests where they will go tracking leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, tigers and other Central Indian animals using 4X4 vehicles.

Guests will also do a lovely canoe ride on the Denwa River looking for birds and mammals on the water’s edge. Experience local hospitality and interact with the local populace. You are always on the move and it is indeed a trip of a lifetime in a beautiful part of Central India.


  • Traverse the historic Forsyth Trail on foot – The Forsyth Trail was used by Captain James Forsyth, one of first officers of the Madhya Pradesh Forest department, when he explored the Pachmarhi Region
  • Enjoy an adventurous mobile camping experience – While on the walk guests will stay in well- appointed mobile camps that afford an experience that is very close to nature, with a minimal footprint.
  • Experience the magic of Satpura in its many ways – Satpura is a lesser known park in Central India, but it is unique in terms of its landscape and what it can offer its patrons. Here guests can enjoy walks, canoe rides and the more popular 4X4 safaris
  • Get a glimpse of rural life – Satpura and the areas around it are dotted with villages that are inhabited largely by the indigenous Gond People. While on this trip, we will visit a local school and a market. This will give guests great insight not just into the landscapes wildlife, but also how the local communities co-exist making wildlife conservation possible.
  • Bhimbetka Caves – UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Special culinary experience – family recipe of kebab and an exotic Indian cocktail with the Mahua flower as the main ingredient.

Contact us at ibex@www.ibexexpeditions.com for a full itinerary of the journey.