Madagascar is a raw and wild island country on the Indian Ocean. Here is a land where cats are blue, the ocean is white and its people multi-hued, from everywhere and native. From the water ghosts that haunt the people with their stories and the Baobab that appear as upturned trees, everything feels sublime. With one of the highest bio diversities endemic to the country, and a varied population of Malagasy immigrants, Madagascar is as happy as the eponymous animation portrays it.

April- November

In this 4th largest island of the world, discover fauna and flora found only here through rainforests. It has a 500 km coastline, 450 kms of barrier reef and 250 islands which can be explored on a replica of an Arab dhow. Divers can get a chance to see rays, whale sharks, reef sharks and others while snorkelers enjoy viewing turtles and a rainbow of colours in corals and fish.

Land at Antananarivo is Madagascar’s Capital city also known as ‘Tana’ and set off for an adventure in colourful raffia sun-hats, canoeing in pirogues down the Tsiribihina River through the sandstone gorges from Miandrivazo, past deciduous forests and areas so remote they can only be reached by boat.

Hike the exotic Tsingy De Bemaraha, (limestone pinnacle formations) a UNESCO world heritage site, formed over centuries, by the movement of air and water. Spot nocturnal active animals at the Kirindy reserve and at sunrise, visit the Avenue du Baobab, where the changing colours of the trees and long shadows stay planted in your memory for a lifetime. Continue northward onboard our 4WD vehicles through a red lateric track, baobab forest and savannah to the National Park of Tsingy De Bemaraha.

Psychedelic forests of ruby-red Tsingy, is the beautiful Ankara Massif. Stop at the misty waterfalls towards Mountain D’Ambre; anchor yourself in the city of Diego Suarez before nosing your way to Nosy Be. Discover the vibrant Sakalava’s culture, snorkel in the emerald sea and redeem yourself in some of the whitest sands and harmonious sunsets. Feel like a pirate while embarking on a traditional sailing boat and camping nights on the lush beaches through Anjiabe and Antanambao. Feast in the day’s catch on board with the finest crew who serve rum cocktails as water for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Home to nine endemic lemur species from nocturnal bat like lemurs to the ring tailed, black and brown lemurs, it is a feast for philosophers, wildlifers, lovers and families alike.

An article by Ms Himali Singh Soin on exotic Madagascar in