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Antarctica Matters

In 1959, world governments came together to sign the Antarctic Treaty, to ensure that Antarctica was used only for peaceful and scientific research purposes. In 1991, they proposed a 50-year agreement, declaring the great white continent as a natural reserve, … Continue reading Antarctica Matters

Adventure is His Business

The excitement and thrill of exploring distant lands an mountains lured Mandip Soin to adventure sports. And he has taken it up as a business: he has been running an organization which conducts expeditions. You only live once, they say. … Continue reading Adventure is His Business

On the Wild Side – Part II

ROUGHING IT OUT IN COMFORT It’s one outdoor sport that’s fast catching on – especially among executives, who find it a stimulating way of taking a break. But while roughing it out on a trek is fine, misplaced bravado can … Continue reading On the Wild Side – Part II

On the Wild Side – Part III

THE SEASON TO SCALE NEW HEIGHTS: It sounds like the name of India’s satellite launch vehicle. But it’s actually a mountain. And a formidable one at that. Dubbed one of the great challenges of the Garhwal, Swargarohini is located in … Continue reading On the Wild Side – Part III

On the Wild Side – Part 1

A piece written by Mandip Singh Soin, published in the Economic Times as part of a series on the outdoors in the early 1990s. THE HIGH TRAIL TO HAR-KI-DUN The reverberating sound of a thousand crickets ripped through the still … Continue reading On the Wild Side – Part 1