Top Monsoon Destinations of India


The South West monsoon has arrived in India. The changing weather pattern brought it late this year, and it is still not as intense as it was last year, but the wild regions are still green and dancing in ecstasy  with every drop. Here are a few places in India that one can visit to soak in the beauty of the Indian monsoon.


The first state to witness the arrival of the monsoon, Kerala’s natural landscape becomes all kinds of magic in the rains. From the rolling hills of the Western Ghats to the coastal belt and the backwaters, everything is lush and green and beautiful in the monsoon season. Your journey here will leave you yearning for more!


A little further up from Kerala lies India’s smallest state. Goa, generally known for its beaches, is a little jewel of green in the rains. Lush waterfalls erupt in the rain, you can spend hours kayaking in secret mangrove forests, and days exploring untouched forests in the region. Come, check out the other side of Goa in the monsoon!


Orchha is wonderful in the rains. This otherwise dry corner of Malwa plateau becomes a  beautiful, green region. Charming scenery of the Betwa river, historical forts, places, temples, monuments, memorials, and heritage re-create the nostalgia of its golden period. Orchha is one of the spectacular destinations to visit during monsoon.


Meghalaya, meaning the abode of clouds, is nestled in the north-eastern region of India. It is the wettest region of India. About 70% of the region is forested. Misty clouds, roaring waterfalls and forests greet you everywhere. If you don’t mind getting wet, we highly recommend a journey here!