Given the fragility of these islands, Ibex Expeditions has curated a journey with the idea of traveling with conscious travelers. India’s most remote state, the Andaman Islands is situated more than 1000km off the east coast in the middle of the Bay of Bengal.

Thickly covered by deep green tropical forests, the archipelago supports a profusion of wildlife, including extremely rare and endemic species of birds. The beaches and the pristine reefs that ring the islands are unique.

Filled with colorful fish and kaleidoscopic corals, the clear waters of the Andaman Sea feature the world’s richest and least spoilt marine reserves.

A Limited Edition Journey led by Himraj Soin

Situated on the ancient trade route between India and Myanmar, the Andaman was visited by the Navy of the English East India Company in 1789 and in 1872.

At Ibex, we have had an ongoing engagement with the Andaman Islands with the Founder Mandip Singh Soin first visiting these Islands in 1977 after securing a study grant from the Government, to study the tribes, do deep-sea fishing, and understand its geography.

In 2002 a significant international ecotourism expedition was led by Mandip, supported by the Government to re-evaluate how Tourism should be conducted in this fragile region. Ascents were made of the Barren Island volcano, the highest peak in Andamans – the Saddle Peak, visiting the Nicobar Islands.

We recommended that there be no Tourism in Nicobar until it is conducted well in the Andamans. It was important not to have high numbers of tourists but those with higher levels of eco-consciousness.

Our recommendations were accepted by the Ministry of Tourism, and with this backdrop, we thought of bringing in a journey that captures the main elements of responsible and immersive travel.


  • Stay at the pioneering eco-sensitive lodge of Andaman Islands – the Barefoot Lodge.
  • An interaction with The Andaman Nicobar Environment Team.
  • Visit Ross Island and see the earthquake ruins during World War II.
  • Visit Corbyn’s Cove Beach.
  • Visit the Cellular Jail & witness the Son et Lumiere in the jail.
  • Snorkeling at a shore reef fringing Havelock Island.
  • Kayaking through Mangrove Creeks.
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding.
  • Motorboat excursion through Ritchie’s Archipelago & a Game Fishing experience.
  • Snorkeling at Turtle Beach Reef.
  • Forest Trek to Elephant Beach.
  • Bird watching / Walking & gentle Cycling.
  • Rock pooling to see octopus, clams, starfish, mudskippers, and sea cucumbers at Neil’s Cove.
  • Journey leader Himraj Soin.


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