Himali is an artist and writer and lives between London and Delhi. She uses her travels and explorations around the world as material to think about feminist ecologies, ideas of home and communal, cross-species ways of living.

She is the recipient of the 2019 Frieze Artist Award for her work on the Arctic and Antarctic regions and their bearing on the rest of the world.

She graduated from UWC India, Middlebury College, USA and Goldsmiths, UK.

Lectures and Interviews:

  • The artist traces a lost Cold War relic in India for the Serpentine – After years spent exploring the Earth’s poles, Himali Singh Soin returned to India for a different type of expedition. She talks to Ravi Ghosh about mountains, myths, and the nuclear sublime.
  • We Remember Everything – On Saturday 5 June, poets, writers and artists came together in solidarity, in grief and in love with the people of India, organised by Ignota, the87Press and The White Review
  • In Conversation – GCC interviews Himali Singh Soin, writer, artist and GCC member who deals with questions of the natural environment and ecological loss in her work.
  • ‘We are opposite like that’ at The World Around – Part of a pluralistic practice working across text, performance and moving image, Himali Singh Soin’s ongoing research utilizes metaphors from the natural environment to construct speculative cosmologies that reveal non-linear entanglements between human and non-human life.