Anita Singh Soin - Ibex Expeditions


An artist’s palette: Having watched the world intensely, then having received a degree in Fine Art, Anita continues to explore her creativity and artistic eye, designing journeys that become works of art themselves.

Anita studied at Welham Girls School followed by 5 years of art, leading on to a design and creative writing career. She has embraced diverse travels and adventures accompanying Mandip and their two children Himali and Himraj, where she penned wonderful travel stories of these exotic and distant lands visited, encouraging their guests to share in these experiences.

She has the creativity to inject the unusual into the cultural and luxury journeys; details of cuisine and comfort into the high adventures, and has a flair for choosing the right resort for the right client. She is the mind behind the candle-lit dinner at a camp or the fine dining experiences in a palace. With the panache and perfection of an artist’s palette, Anita conceives of memorable surprises into our journeys, be it supporting a humanitarian action, or a Maharaja encounter.

Over the years, guests have become close friends, and continue to revel in the warmth of the hospitality and graciousness of Mandip and Anita. The same energy and talent lives on with the Ibex team, for whom each journey executed is their best, be it in the field, or behind the scenes.

Having travelled to all the 7 continents of the Planet, she is also a Trustee on the Rajeshwar Susheela Dayal Charitable Trust.