Mongolia, the land of Genghis Khan, is vast and golden in the Gobi and lush and verdant in sub-Siberian Khan Khentii forest. Living in traditional felt Ger tents, walking with nomads and switching between camel and horseback make traveling to this country of throat singers and Tibetan Buddhism a simultaneously visual and psychological experience.

June- September

Mongolia is a blue heaven, an artist’s palette. From the vastness of the Gobi to the snow-capped mountains of Bayan-Ölgi and the dramatic gorges and lakes of Khovsgol. The felt homes of the nomads, the cry of an eagle, the Buddhist temples, mysterious ruins, abundant wildlife and its ancient history together create a sense that you are somewhere near the source…

Mongolia is a perfect vastness for horse trekking, long-distance cycling or hiking, or more leisurely activities such as fly-fishing, yak carting or camping out under a sprawling mass of stars.

The most spectacular journey begins in dinosaur and fossil country at the Ikh Nature Reserve where the argali and Ibex can be found as well as the nomadic families from where we drive over grasslands with herds of gazelle. Camel trekking from Manhan Sands to Arbud Sands where we then meet the horseman, ancestors of Chengis Khan.

Climb the Zorgol Hairhan mountains across their giant vertical cliff rock formations that are considered sacred by the locals. Get an insight into Ulan Bator’s Natural History museum and the Gandhan monastery before trekking north along the Upper Tuul River, driving to Hadan Hoshuu Steppe valley across the forested Zamtiin Pass. The Khan Khentii area borders the Siberian Taiga zone and we begin trekking to the Jalman Meadows to a spectacular Ger tent campsite where you can fish, raft and hike. The landscape is lush, fertile and the snow-capped peaks in the distance, rugged. Everything accumulates, everything magnifies here.

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