After a successful launch in the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development in March 2017, Ibex Expeditions has pledged to promote Antarctica as a destination, but to do it responsibly and get all participants to become Ambassadors of the movement by creating awareness. More on Antarctica Tours and Travel below.

This will be taken forward under an initiative called #Antarcticamatters and one of our Knights Rajiv Luthra has promised pro bono support by his Law firm Luthra Law Offices until the Antarctica Treaty is renegotiated in 2048.

Responsible citizens from different walks of life who undertook the journey with Ibex Expeditions took a pledge by holding a bottle of melted ice of Antarctica to help protect Antarctica in the presence of Jonathan Shackleton, cousin of the famous Antarctic explorer Ernst Shackleton.

The Antarctica Matters trip announcement: A Journey with a Purpose. Led by an Ibex Explorer in Residence, Himali Singh Soin in February 2020. This Journey was with Polar Latitudes who are even more committed to the cause of Antarctica protection and their Cabins are even better at a similar price to Quark’s.

The route flew through the most scenic bays and channels of the Antarctica Peninsula with stops at penguin rookeries, seal wallows, bird colonies and whale feeding areas as well as sites of historic and scientific interest.

It helped spread awareness to friends and family about this pristine part of planet Earth. Special discounts were offered by Ibex Expeditions.

This YouTube link may be a good one to view which captures the essence of the Antarctic.

An article by Ms Himali Singh Soin on the seventh continent in

Ibex Expeditions’ journey to the end of the world to save the future of Antarctica was featured in India Today. Follow this link to read more.

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