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India in Mind
 January, 2019

Experience the rich literature of India as a portal of discovery for this extraordinary literary tours to India, which culminates at the Jaipur Literature Festival in Rajasthan. Our journey has been arranged so as to represent chapters in a book; the final pages of which will take us to the Jaipur Literary Festival. It is hoped that this route will bring to mind for you the great texture and cultural weaving that forms India now. You will travel from antiquity to modernity as evinced by architecture, painting, archaeological sites, nature reserves, and medieval Rajput strongholds, climaxing with one of the most vibrant and charismatic literary festivals that you can imagine in the planned city of Jaipur. There you will meet with writers, poets, and dramatists who have spent their lives combining all these strands of Indian history and experience into words. You will spend a final day at a fort beside a lake and its bird life, writing your journey in varying forms, from the new palette you have formed while keeping India in Mind.