Our Story

In 1979, we transformed our own love of maps into the aspirations of others. Ibex Expeditions is among the most discerning travel outfitters in India, creating handcrafted, award-winning journeys in the sphere of adventure expeditions, wildlife safaris, experiential holidays and luxury travel.

Ibex arranges intimate, culturally immersive journeys; be it camping in the Himalaya or fine dining at a Maharaja’s palace. All trips benefit communities and protect the environment. Ibex leaves no trace, beside a profound thought or feeling of upliftment. In the last decade, Ibex has expanded its repertoire to journeys beyond India, bespoke and tread by us personally. These are unique, in-depth experiences in countries that are otherwise perceived as far-away, wild and inaccessible such as Mongolia, Madagascar, Borneo, Chile, Peru, Tibet, Bhutan & Antarctica. It is also important to us that we are universally embracing of every kind of guest: parents, children, senior citizens, differently-abled and LGBTQ communities are equally welcome and we will plan for your travel with care. We truly believe that travel binds; it creates an eco-system of empathy.

The Capra Ibex Sibirica is a majestic mountain goat with sweeping scimitar shaped horns. It has an uncanny ability to traverse precipitous cliffs of the high Himalayan ranges. Reflecting this philosophy, Ibex Expeditions guides people on surefooted journeys in the Indian subcontinent.




Founder & Managing Director

Two roads diverged… As he stood close to the summit of Black Peak at the age of 15, Mandip knew he was smitten by adventure and the great outdoors and was on ‘the road less travelled’. With a Masters in History from St Stephens College,...

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An artist’s palette: Having watched the world intensely, then having received a degree in Fine Art, Anita continues to explore her creativity and artistic eye, designing journeys that become works of art themselves. Anita studied at Welham...

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Trip Leader

'Himali' means ‘Princess of the Snow’ and while she returns to the mountains whenever she can, she feels deeply connected to seahorses, who turn orange when they fall in love or die of loneliness. She makes Complete profile


Trip Leader

Himraj Soin, an avid skier and climber, studied at Colorado College- the epicenter of outdoor sports in USA. His expeditions have taken him to Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan, Borneo, Madagascar, Peru, Morocco, and India, amongst others. He is a National...

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The worthy counsel In times long past, King Arthur gathered twelve of his best knights around the legendary round table, a focal point of fellowship between Knights, bringing peace and tranquility to the country. These Knights were renowned for...

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