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The Evolution of Ecotourism in India

Ecotourism can be used to walk a fine line between sustainable habitats and income generation. But it needs a robust will on the part of the stakeholders an a whole host of management systems. In this long form essay, Mandip … Continue reading The Evolution of Ecotourism in India

Olive Ridleys Hatching Season!

Spring in India, apart from being a season of blooming flowers and general merriment, is also a time when the olive ridleys hatch, and make their way to the ocean.

Pack for a Purpose: Crayola and the Community

Pack for a Purpose has not only reformed the physical infrastructure for education, in the case of Ramathra, but the entire mood with which children approach schooling.

On the Wild Side – Part III

THE SEASON TO SCALE NEW HEIGHTS: It sounds like the name of India’s satellite launch vehicle. But it’s actually a mountain. And a formidable one at that. Dubbed one of the great challenges of the Garhwal, Swargarohini is located in … Continue reading On the Wild Side – Part III